VIDEO: Attorney Tom Dean’s legal analysis of MPP’s initiative

Tom Dean, a nationally known Marijuana Attorney, speaks about the Arizonans for Mindful Regulation Initiative and explains why the MPP initiative is bad for people who actually consumer marijuana in Arizona.     In these 2 video interviews, Mr. Dean explains why the MPP initiative would actually INCREASE the amount of people who will be […]

AZFMR answers questions about the 2016 Campaign to Legalize and Regulate Marijuana

June 17, 2016   Weedsday Wednesday is a weekly Marijuana Radio Show based in Tucson, Arizona. Get up to date, live information about what’s happening with all of the medical cannabis laws of our state, the dispensary process, news, education and everything happening in Arizona! Live interviews, strain reviews, product reviews, news, events and information […]

US Govt Study finds that Marijuana Legalization does NOT increase Marijuana use amongst Teens

June 16, 2016 A new nationwide study in the United States has found that there is absolutely no evidence that legalizing the use of medical marijuana leads to increased marijuana use amongst teenagers. The study, published in The Lancet Psychiatry Journal, showed no significant difference in adolescent marijuana use in all 21 states with medical […]

Exploring why AZfmr’s Marijuana Legalization initiative is DIFFERENT than MPP’s Marijuana Regulation initiative

AZfmr’s Campaign to LEGALIZE and Regulate Marijuana (I-14-2016) Vs. MPP’s Campaign to Regulate and Tax Marijuana (I-08-2016)                     Top 3 Differences between our Arizona Marijuana Legalization initiatives: 1) Our initiative to Legalize and Regulate Marijuana makes possession of 1 Ounce of Marijuana LEGAL and reduces the criminal penalties for Possession of […]

A second group has filed a competing Marijuana Legalization initiative in Arizona

On May 19, 2015, the Campaign to Legalize and Regulate Marijuana has officially filed the necessary paperwork with the Arizona Secretary of State to begin collecting signatures for an initiative to Legalize and Regulate Marijuana in Arizona in 2016. This new Marijuana Legalization initiative actually seeks to keep marijuana consumers out of jail and prison […]

Exploring the Dangers of using a Propane Torch for Dabbing

Since the practice of “Dabbing” has become so mainstream, people have been buying up Quartz bangers, Grade 2 Titanium Nails, and Butane Torches like crazy. Many people have been wondering if they can use a cheaper Propane Torch, instead of a Butane Torch, when heating their Quartz banger, Titanium Nail or Titanium Pad. The short […]

MPP files their 2016 Arizona Marijuana Regulation Initiative

On 4/17/15, MPP released the final draft of their 2016 marijuana regulation initiative to the media, prior to releasing the draft to the Arizona marijuana community. Later that same afternoon, MPP held a Press Conference at the Arizona Secretary of State’s Office to announce that they had just officially filed their marijuana regulation initiative. The […]

MPP’s 2016 Arizona Marijuana Regulation Initiative – The “Almost” Final Draft

On 04/09/15, the Marijuana Policy Project (MPP) released the nearly final draft of their 2016 Arizona Marijuana Regulation Initiative. You can read the proposed initiative in it’s entirety here: MPP AZ Draft 4.9.15 In an email sent out on 04/09/15, MPP’s attorney Heather Azzi said; If you catch any mistakes or have any feedback for […]

MPP’s Rob Kampia responds to ARL’s competing initiative

After the newly formed group Arizonans for Responsible Legalization (ARL) announced their intention to run a competing marijuana initiative against MPP, the Director of MPP, Rob Kampia, sent out an email to the ARL and (somehow the Arizona marijuana activist groups) to address the issue. In his email to Gina, Rob goes on to say; […]

Arizona Medical Marijuana Dispensaries file competing Marijuana Legalization Initiative

In a bizarre twist; A group of medical marijuana dispensary owners who were previously working WITH MPP to draft a marijuana legalization initiative, have now announced that they are filing a competing marijuana legalization initiative against MPP! The new group is calling themselves Arizonans for Responsible Legalization (ARL), and the Chairperson is Gina Berman of […]