MPP’s Rob Kampia responds to ARL’s competing initiative

After the newly formed group Arizonans for Responsible Legalization (ARL) announced their intention to run a competing marijuana initiative against MPP, the Director of MPP, Rob Kampia, sent out an email to the ARL and (somehow the Arizona marijuana activist groups) to address the issue.

In his email to Gina, Rob goes on to say;

I was shocked to learn that you formed a campaign committee to compete with your own campaign committee. If your team decides to run a competing signature drive, that’s a decision that you will make. It will not interfere with what we’re planning.


Rob Kampia also caught some criticism in the Media for one comment he made in particular;

If you file a competing initiative with the Secretary of State, we will specifically launch a series of actions to harm your business. I’m already budgeting $10,000 (as of Friday) to pay people for 1,000 hours of time to distribute literature outside of your front door, and the literature will not portray you in a kind way.

While many have criticized Rob for that comment, we believe that it was actually quite appropriate given the situation. He has to do SOMETHING!