Arizona’s Medical Marijuana Program is UNDER ATTACK!

The Marijuana Policy Project (MPP) and a core group of Arizona Medical Marijuana Dispensary Owners are paying MILLIONS of dollars to get their “Campaign to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol” Initiative passed in Arizona in 2016.

Our group, Arizonans For Mindful Regulation (AZFMR), was forced to write our own Marijuana Legalization Initiative when the MPP Campaign refused to work with the Arizona Marijuana Activist Groups who demanded that MPP write an Initiative that protects US, the actual Marijuana Consumers.

Instead, MPP and the AZ Medical Marijuana Dispensary Owners wrote an Initiative that ONLY protects the Medical Marijuana Dispensary Owners financial interests and does NOT protect us, Arizona’s Marijuana Consumers..

Arizona Medical Marijuana
To reach Medical Marijuana Patients, this ad is being run in the Phoenix New Times.

MPP’s “Campaign to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol” Initiative will take the Arizona Medical Marijuana Program away from the Arizona Department of Health Services (AZDHS) and give it to the new “Department of Marijuana Licenses and Control.” That Marijuana Department would be run, in part, by the Medical Marijuana Dispensary Owners!!

Allowing the people who make the MONEY to also make the RULES is a serious CONFLICT OF INTEREST!

If Arizona Dispensary Owners control the Arizona Medical Marijuana Program, it could result in Medical Marijuana Patient rights being sacrificed!

There are currently more than 90,000 registered Medical Marijuana Patients in Arizona.

Many of those 90,000+ people suffer from a serious Medical condition that qualifies them for an Arizona Medical Marijuana Card, while others simply tell the Medical Marijuana Doctor that their “back is injured” in order to get their Arizona Medical Marijuana Card. (Luckily, everyone with a PULSE qualifies for a Medical Marijuana Card in Arizona!)

Either way, all of those 90,000+ people depend on the Arizona Medical Marijuana Program to keep them out of Jail and Prison for using Medical Marijuana in Arizona.

AZFMR has pledged to do whatever it takes to protect the rights of Medical Marijuana Patients in Arizona!

Over the past 2 weeks, we’ve been running an Advertisement in the Phoenix New Times “Chronicles” section to let Medical Marijuana Patients know that the MEDICAL MARIJUANA PROGRAM IS UNDER ATTACK! (See image for the actual ad, or you can check out this week’s edition of the Phoenix New Times.)

Our AZFMR Marijuana Legalization Initiative specifically says that the Medical Marijuana Law stays the same and the Medical Marijuana Program STAYS WITH AZDHS! This guarantees that Arizona Medical Marijuana Patient rights will remain 100% intact!

We encourage all of Arizona’s 90,000+ Medical Marijuana Patients to “Sign TODAY To SAVE MMJ.” Our AZFMR Campaign to Legalize Marijuana is the solution to the problem created by MPP’s Initiative.

Will you please support our AZFMR Campaign to Legalize Marijuana and help us keep the Arizona MEDICAL Marijuana Program SAFE?!?


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Paid For By the Campaign to Legalize and Regulate Marijuana, YES on I-14-2016.