Arizonans for Mindful Regulation (AZFMR) represents a group of responsible Medical Marijuana Patients and Marijuana Consumers who live in Arizona.


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Arizonans For Mindful Regulation is the sponsor of the “Campaign to Legalize and Regulate Marijuana” in Arizona!


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AZFMR’s “Campaign to Legalize and Regulate Marijuana”  is planning to introduce a ballot Initiative to Legalize Marijuana in Arizona;


“The Legalization and Regulation of Marijuana Act”


Our Marijuana Legalization and Regulation Initiative will include all 3 aspects of marijuana legalization;


We understand that Arizona Marijuana Consumers do NOT support a Marijuana law that encompasses only TAX AND REGULATION. That’s not REAL Marijuana Legalization.

If you would like to Volunteer to collect signatures to Legalize Marijuana in Arizona, or if you would like to make a Financial Contribution to our Campaign, please visit our website at!

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