Where does the MONEY from Marijuana Legalization actually go?

AZFMR’s Initiative will definitely bring in money for Education, but it also brings in much needed money to the individual Cities and Counties as well.

AZFMR’s Marijuana Legalization Initiative, the Campaign to Legalize and Regulate Marijuana, YES on I-14-2016, is expected to generate a total of $500 MILLION dollars in Revenue for the State of Arizona.

AZFMR’s I-14-2016 Initiative will bring in Revenue to the “Marijuana Fund” from NUMEROUS sources:
● Taxes on Marijuana, Marijuana Plants, and Marijuana Products that are sold at the 1,500+ Retail Dispensaries.
● Licensing fees from the 1,500+ Marijuana Retailers and Licensing Fees from an unlimited amount of Marijuana Cultivators, Marijuana Product Manufacturers, Marijuana Distributors, and Marijuana Testing Facilities. (1,500 Marijuana Retailers x $25,000 License Fee = $30 MILLION)
● Fines and fees are paid into the Marijuana Fund from consumers and Marijuana Businesses who violate the Marijuana law in any way.
As if that weren’t enough, AZFMR’s I-14-2016 Initiative requires that HALF of all Licensing Fees for Marijuana businesses be given directly to the City or County where the Marijuana business is established.
In this way, AZFMR’s I-14-2016 Initiative will generate MILLIONS of dollars each year for the individual City and County to use as they see fit!

AZFMR’s I-14-2016 initiative distributes the total revenue generated by our Marijuana Legalization Act by giving:

  • 40% to full-day Kindergarten programs
  • 40% to K-12 Schools and Education
  • 20% to AZDHS for Public Health.

• • •

Paid For By the Campaign to Legalize and Regulate Marijuana, YES on I-14-2016.