A Final Plea For Arizona Marijuana Legalization in 2016

legalize marijuana in arizona


Friends and Supporters of the AZFMR Campaign to Legalize and Regulate Marijuana,

As you may have seen, numerous Media reports have declared that while our AZFMR Campaign to Legalize Marijuana has “put up a good fight”, our Initiative has little hope of making the Arizona 2016 ballot.

While it’s true that we need to collect an additional 120,000+ more signatures in just 3 months, we still have a group of dedicated volunteers who are actively collecting signatures throughout Arizona!

In other words; WE HAVEN’T GIVEN UP YET!

Over the course of this entire Campaign, our volunteers have collected a total of 100,000 signatures in a matter of only 9 months.

When broken down mathematically, that equates to about 11,111 signatures per month or 2,777 signatures per week. Unfortunately, we don’t always bring in 2,777 signatures per week though.

Without a doubt, we received our biggest boost of signatures from the Arizona STATE FAIR in October. Our volunteers were out collecting signatures at all 4 entrances to the Fair and they were able to get 100+ signatures per hour!

Aside from a small group of Arizona’s most dedicated Marijuana Activists, the Volunteer effort has slowed down significantly in the past couple of months!

With so little time left for us to reach our goal of 230,000+ total signatures, numerous Volunteers have been trying to keep track of how many Petitions we’re bringing in each week to see if we actually have a shot at Legalizing Marijuana in 2016.

Despite having a group of 200+ volunteers around Arizona, our Campaign only brought in 209 Petitions (3,135 signatures) and $320 in Contributions over the past 2 weeks.

The 2 weeks prior to that, our Campaign brought in 108 Petitions (1,620 signatures) and less than $200 in Contributions. The 2 weeks prior to that we brought in even less.

Not into all the math? No problem!

Here’s the short answer; With only 3 months left to go, we aren’t bringing in enough signatures per week to get our Marijuana Legalization Initiative on the ballot in 2016.

So why are our Volunteers still trying?

First of all, because our Volunteers are extremely passionate about keeping Marijuana Consumers out of JAIL and PRISON for Marijuana Offenses. Our Initiative is written by Marijuana Consumers and was written to protect Marijuana Consumers. In other words, our volunteers genuinely care about this Initiative because it will effect them and their family personally.

Secondly, April has been called “Marijuana Month” and we have numerous events planned during the month of April that should allow our volunteers to get a lot of signatures. We also hope to do some advertising during the month of April as well!

Lastly, we recently linked up with a local Smoke Shop Wholesaler who has given us a list of hundreds of Smoke Shops who will have their employees collect signatures for our Campaign! In addition to doing anything that needs to be done for our Campaign, I’ve been focusing all of my time and resources to talking with these Smoke Shop owners and training their employees to collect signatures for our Campaign.

Over the past month, we’ve sent out lots of emails to Volunteers who have been issued Petitions but haven’t turned them back in yet. If this is you, please Contact Us and turn in your Petitions ASAP!

Our Campaign is committed to doing anything and everything we can to get Marijuana Legalized in 2016, but we desperately need your help and we’re running out of time! If we don’t act now, we’ll have to wait until 2018 to Legalize Marijuana instead!

If you’d like to Volunteer or make a Financial Contribution to our Campaign, you can do so on our website at http://www.LegalizeMarijuanaInArizona.org

Thank you again to all of our Volunteers and Supporters around the entire State of Arizona!

Jason Medar – Campaign Manager

April 12, 2016


• • •

Paid For By the Campaign to Legalize and Regulate Marijuana, YES on I-14-2016.