2016 Summary

The LEGALIZATION and Regulation of Marijuana Act:

(1) allows adults twenty-one years of age and older to legally possess, consume, and grow limited amounts of marijuana;

(2) reduces criminal penalties for marijuana offenses;

(3) creates a system in which licensed businesses will produce and sell marijuana;

(4) establishes a 10% tax on retail marijuana sales, from which the revenue will be allocated to public health and education;

(5) establishes a Department of Marijuana Licenses and Control to regulate licensed businesses that produce, cultivate, or sell marijuana;

(6) provides local governments with the authority to regulate marijuana businesses.

• • •

Paid For By the Campaign to Legalize and Regulate Marijuana, YES on I-14-2016.


  1. Can you please add to this list the amount ANY person with a medical RECOMMENDATION from a doctor, not a ‘licensed producer’ that had to first pay great expense to a ‘panel’ for approval will be able to grow in their home or on their property? This is the same double speak ’21 years or older and licensed’ as found in the two separate versions of the MPP bill? And clearly this website illustrates ignorance to law and procedure, mind you. A basic understanding of state law is required before you can assert any position.

    1. Please enlighten us in our ignorance. “What can be asserted without evidence can be dismissed without evidence.”

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