Comparison Chart

  • Vato Loco

    From what I have read….The people at mmp initiative broke off the original azfmr initiative group because personal differences and now because of that and having 2 initiative it may hurt and eventually rob signatures from one initiative and at the end neither initiative will go Into effect….they are turning this into a personal thing while the rest of us that have been waiting for this to happen for YEARS get left behind, being that this is for us in arizona…quit the pissing match and get into harmony AND GET THIS PASSED PLEASE!!!!!!

    • Sam W

      There is much more to it than that, which this ‘info-graphic’ fails to show. The people of Ohio voted NO specifically for that one reason, MONOPOLY, which is what the MPP initiative is all about as well as keeping possession as a felony. In addition, the MPP initiative is funded by the Private Prison lobby, the people that make money by jailing as many people as they can. They want to make money from pot smokers coming and going fixing high prices and any one violating their monopoly, goes
      to jail and makes them more money. If you want to keep it “for us” or for you in AZ as you say sign the petitions for AZMR and volunteer for them to gather signatures. Do not sign or vote for the MPP, it is bad news. It will not make thing legal. They failed to add that the local control regarding growing is ‘at their discretion’ and nothing will stop the dispensary monopoly from bribing those people to make it illegal, so no one can grow. Ergo, everyone must pay the high price of the monopolies.

    • I agree. Both will fail if the mj community doesnt unite.

  • Chuck Brooks

    The campaign to regulate marijuana like alcohol is bad for Arizona and it’s citizens. Please support a Safer choice #AZFMR Initiative the campaign to Legalize and regulate marijuana. #wearethemainstream, #LEGALIZATION

  • Chuck Brooks

    They’re not even regulating it like alcohol MPP is lying to the citizens of Arizona in my opinion. If you can’t use in public and you can get a felony arrest for public consumption how is that regulating it like alcohol. And they’re only going to give 10% of marijuana license is compared to alcohol licenses. if this law is passed under MPP, cities and counties will have the right to ban marijuana growing. Just as they’re doing in Oregon.

  • Scott Stevens

    I am against the MPP initiative for several reasons and am lending my support where it is clear that we solve the major issues of prohibition and at the same time respect the inclusiveness that the Marijuana sub culture has always been about, I have not read the competing referendum but am planning to this week, I also, need to look who paid MPP so far to date, I am an Arizona resident who is fed up with the back handed politics of this state, I am currently working on an article that will outline MPP’s funding in the State and why they are here. I think that decriminalization is a must. The prohibition of Marijuana without any scientific evidence, the hundreds of thousands lives that have ruined and the needless suffering of those who cannot get a viable alternative to opiates is an atrocity, one of the worst man has set upon himself.

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  • Its pretty interesting you didnt change any of the language after debating with

    Attorney for Cannabis Tom Dean and AZ Norml Director Mikel Weisser. Those colorful words are still intact in the comparison chart and the debate was 2 months ago.

  • Sam Fox

    The side by side above tells it all. MPP sucks. Don’t forget MPP gave a monopoly to dispensary owners with the 25 mile no grow halo last time we had an initiative.
    We need to educate everyone on how bogus fed prohibition of cannabis is. That cannabis prohibition is based on lies, deceit, deception, & the greed of WR Hurst is not as widely known as it should be.

  • Arlene

    How sad, differing opinions on the form legalization should take may doom the entire thing, if the vote is split and neither passes. Is one of these groups secretly trying to make this happen? Is that you behind the mask, Arpaio?