Crucial Points of Marijuana Legalization in Arizona

Crucial Points of Marijuana Legalization in Arizona


In the best interest of Arizona’s marijuana users and their families, we assert that these 12 crucial aspects of legalization MUST be included in Arizona’s 2016 Marijuana Legalization initiative.

1) Decriminalization – Marijuana Program Violations must be designated as Misdemeanors, and not Felonies.

2) Concentrated forms of Marijuana must be made legal by clear, non-ambiguous language.

3) All adults in Arizona must be permitted to grow 12 plants. (No 25 Mile Rule)

4) In addition to the “Allowable amount of Marijuana”, an adult must be allowed to possess any amount of marijuana at the residence where the person’s plants are being grown.

5) “Displaying” marijuana needs to be added to the list of allowable acts.

6)  There must be an employee protection provision which prevents employers from firing or discriminating against an employee solely based on their legal use of marijuana.

7) There must be provisions that protect marijuana users against landlord discrimination.

8) There must be provisions that prevent property owners from being prosecuted or having property seized for leasing or renting to a marijuana establishment.

9) The law must allow Cities and Counties to enact reasonable zoning regulations, but not allow Cities and Counties to regulate personal use and personal cultivation.

10) There must be provisions to deny CPS the authority to remove a child from their home based solely on a parent’s legal use or cultivation of marijuana or based solely on a newborn child testing positive for marijuana.

11) There must be provisions to allow for the sale and production of “Industrial Hemp”.

12) A person shall not be found guilty of DUI or driving under the influence of marijuana solely based on the presence of active or inactive metabolites or components of marijuana that appear in the persons system.


If, like us, you insist that these aspects be included in YOUR Marijuana Legalization initiative, please support our cause by becoming a member of our association!